Terms and Conditions


You confirm you have read, agreed and accepted all the terms and conditions expressly set out below and those incorporated by reference before you register or purchase a SPAINSAVE membership.

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at our absolute discretion and at any time by giving you Notice ("Notice") by posting the amended terms and conditions on our Website.

Any amended terms and conditions will govern all user registrations and memberships purchased before or after the change.

SPAINSAVE is a registered trademark of Think Web Content S.L.

"We", "Ourselves", "Our", "Its" means SPAINSAVE and Think Web Content S.L.

"WebSite"- means www.spainsave.com or a sub-domain of it.

Please allow 7 working days for delivery of SPAINSAVE cards by standard postal service

The SPAINSAVE scheme entitles members to claim a discount or special offer at participating businesses upon presentation of a valid SPAINSAVE card or voucher that has not expired. This discount or special offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers the business may be running at any one time – in the case of restaurants this may include set menus or any other menus (e.g. "menu del dia").

Please make sure you present your card or voucher prior to ordering and purchasing to ensure the offer is still available and has not been amended.

Unless otherwise specified or agreed in advance with the participating business, the offer published will apply to the card or voucher holder and at the participating business absolute discretion up to 3 accompanying people at anyone time and may only be used once in any 24 hour period with the same participating business.

While we will use all reasonable endeavours to update the Website to show the current particulars of participating businesses and the terms of their availability for participation in the scheme, participating businesses may, withdraw from the scheme or to change the terms and conditions of their availability after you have purchased your membership. This is something which is beyond our control and we shall have no responsibility for any such withdrawals by participating businesses or any such changes in their terms and conditions or availability. Members will have the benefit of any additional businesses which join the scheme at a later date and any improved offer or increase in availability of participating businesses. Our printed marketing material is intended as a guide only to businesses who are participating at the time of publication and therefore may not include all participating businesses at any one time.

Refusal to accept the card or voucher shall be at the absolute discretion of the participating business and no liability whatsoever shall attach to either SPAINSAVE or Its Partners if the participating business refuses to accept the card or voucher for any reason. We do however ask that you inform us as soon as possible if your card or voucher is not accepted so that we may attempt to resolve any issue with the participating business.

Businesses or entities that have branded Our card or vouchers by putting their logo or name on Our card have no liability whatsoever under Our scheme.

Any dispute relating to the SPAINSAVE card, vouchers, or these terms and conditions is governed by the law of Spain and any card or voucher holder in the event of a dispute submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish legal system.